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In the Holy Ramadan

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How to read Holy Qur'an collaboratively

The holy month of Ramadan is about 30 days.It takes 20 people to read the whole Qur’an in 30 days, if each reads a page per day. Here these groups are automatically formed and each member may join a group. Every day, it reminds members which page to read and shows each one’s status, Whether they are behind the schedule, in harmony or ahead. Please pray for us as well, while reading. Allah bless you.

Create family, corporate or friendly Group

If interested, you may create a private group and join your family and friends.

Started at the beginning of the registration process, you are able to form a group and share your group invite link on channels, groups or in person. Upon completion of group (when group holds exactly 20 members), a message will be sent to all to notify campaign start. Also from the group management section one can check members status and remind them as they fall behind schedule.

Better be careful to complete your group, otherwise you will be blessed with more pages to read.


"Qur'an Team Read" features
Run on the Telegram

No need to new software or platform. Just contact the "Qur'an Team Read" bot on Telegram.

Create Private Group

The Ramadan is the divine blessing. Make the group, bring other 19, and share rewards.

Reminder and timing

As the Dawn Divine Liturgy comes, you will be sent daily pages to easily read your share.

Price: Free

No fees. If you like, You may pray for us as you use the bot.

Quick start

to join the bot, use this tutorial step by step

Subscribe to the bot

As you click the button below, you subscribe to the “Qur’an Team Read” bot. You can also search the bot using “@khatme_quran_group_bot” id.


Make or join groups

After pressing the START button, you’ve got 2 options. “Create a group”, and “Join me in a group”.

If you want to make yourself a private group choose Create group. Remember groups should hold exactly 20 members and you, as the founder, are in charge to invite other 19.

Otherwise, click Join me in one group, If you you’d rather to join a preformed group.


Daily reading

The “Daily Reading” button shows you which page you ought to read. The link sent to you will guide you to the page. Remember, make sure to click “Read” button as you finish the page, so bot gets sync.


My status

According to a page per day rule, My status shows whether you are  ahead or behind or in sync with the schedule daily. Better to keep up with you schedule.

Contact us

For further info you may contact us on telegram over below id

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